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What Our Customers Have to Say

Couple of Words About This Stories Section

Christopher L Washburn


1000% bad ass neveer felt better. Thanks for the help.

Doug Sprong


I’ve tried all the so called “adderall replacement” supplements. This is the ONLY one that I actually could feel working. And it works fucking awesome!

Cristina Y Cox


I only ordered it to "try it". Well I'm back again because now I want to "Live it". I waited a week to see if I could tell a difference and man can I ever! Back to get another order. I'm a skeptic because I'm also a cheapskate. This is totally worth the money!! Do yourself a favor SPEND THE MONEY!! I'm now a faithful believer!!

Mary Baker


LOVE this product! I’m hitting the gym. Life is great. I’m motivated, focused, and optimistic!

Melanie Carmer


This is hands down the best energy and focus and positive mood supplement and a very good one to use in a fitness capacity as well.

Chris A


I was half expected to get ripped off with another caffiene based Adderall knockoff. This is something different. I've been taking it for 2 weeks now and the only negative side effects are running out of shit to do. I don't know how but there's no jitters or anxiety, no crash or shitty mood at the end of the day. Just good clean energy and a sense of well being. I'm sold!

Nick Young


This stuff is legit. I take one in the morning and another one when that 2pm sleepiness kicks in. Sometimes I take two before going out to give me energy. It’s long last for sure and has helped me stay motivated with my workouts in the morning and to close out my workday completing my tasks. Gives you great stamina with your partner too. I’m hooked!



I was skeptical. I especially have a high tolerance for shit. I took one of these today for the first time and it felt like I woke up for the first time in a while. I’m alert, way less depressed today, focused and even horny. Can’t wait to see how it works over the course of some time.



NO BS, IT ACTUALLY WORKS. It's like "kick ass, and take names" in a capsule. I was skeptical at first as I'm sure most are, but I did my own research on the the ingredients and came to the conclusion that it couldn't hurt and was safe to try. I suffer from ADHD, anxiety, and depression. I'm not saying Grind cured it but it definitely helped, especially at work. I always felt groggy and had a hard time getting going in the morning, and being on time. Grind puts a pep in my step in about 10 minutes. I'm able to stay focused at work and work faster do to decreased anxiety. It gives me an all around better sense of well being. I just GET IT DONE on Grind. Try it, it's worth a shot that it will work for you too. I'm so glad they're back in stock. I just ordered two more bottles. Get you some of that!!



Wow....i honestly have no other words, as I can't find any good enough!! Im seriously a pretty hard sceptic (being in n out of the fitness industry), and im MORE than impressed by this product ...ON DAY TWO!!! I was seriously lacking energy....mum of 4...hitting the midlife crisis thing ...40-ish...(lol ok 47 😉😄😅), and I gotta say a huge thankyou, this stuff is 100% !!💖👌



This stuff works, like really really works. I work shift work, have battled low energy and flat mood for a couple years. Not any more. 2 weeks of taking one everyday, I have way more energy and elevated mood. Don't feel jittery at all, seem to be dreaming a lot more Have recommended these to close friends

Karin K.


I keep recommending it to everyone!! I've given a few of mine for people to try. Trying is believing- that's best review I can give: encouraging others to try it!!!! Once you try it, your a believer!!!

Alex Aumen


This is the shit…seriously, amazing. I feel on fire most of the day with one pill when I get up. Whether I’m in the office doing brain stuff or outside doing active stuff. Haven’t even tried more than one a day. I’m a pretty positive person, but I worry a lot about stuff. Ha, no more, just cruise with total good vibes now. But in a total control kind of way. Not like a stoned kind of way. Just try the damn thing…



"Stress" doesn't even begin to cover it. I also have myasthenia graves, diagnosed when I was 16. I've avoided needing medication since I was 18, sometimes barely, and have always felt it breathing down my neck. And then COVID. Early on, before they'd actually diagnose it.

Bring on the brain fog.

And then this add pops up that starts out "Zero Fs Given." I had to read it. From having to make myself knowledgeable about things pertaining to how myasthenia happens (all theories), I knew from reading the information that the science behind Grind made perfect sense.

So I gave it a shot.

This shit is REAL. My brain functions like I remember it doing. I'm back on my game, firing on all 12 cylinders, stress is my bitch, and I have stamina, endurance, energy, and resilience again.

Most days all it takes is one in the morning, but there are days, usually the ones where I start work at 5:30 and only manage to get a 2-3 hour "nap" the night before, but I figure that's pretty damn good.

No jitters, just calm. Never a crash. Well, no more than you expect after eight or nine hours running back and forth on concrete answering everyone's problems.



Well, I just bought my 2nd bottle. I've tried many pills and supplements that claim to do similar things and NEVER have I ever bought another bottle after the 1st one. So thank you, Live It! After struggling with little motivation, depression, anxiety, irritability, and countless other things - this pill is the only thing that has offered me some hope of ever feeling better. I was so skeptical, having tried other supplements and having been on numerous different prescription medications over the past 15 years. I've started cleaning and organizing my house - a task I've let sit for over a year. I've been able to actually get out and do things with my kids instead of sit around and tell them no. I'm grateful and hopeful for even better results in the future! I'd also like to note that I did start with one pill and noticed a small difference. I'm a very tall and sturdy woman, so I increased it to 2 pills in the morning and that's when I noticed a very notable difference. Now, I take 2 pills in the morning every morning and then occasionally one in the afternoon (around noon or 1, not later because of the caffeine and bedtime.)

Kimberly E.


WOW! I'm on day 3. One pill in the am. Great energy, focus, happy mood, no jitters, shakes or tiks. No CRASH. That was important to me. Sleep has been great! I have insomnia depression and anxiety( on meds)and this has been excellent for me. I had my pharmacist look at ingredients and gave me a happy thumbs up! I'm SOLD. Thank you 😊

Karin B.


How did it take me so long to find something so awesome from right here in the great state of Ohio! Nothing I've ever tried works this well, and with no jitters, no gut issues, you just are...better! I'm 45 and this is the first thing that that has ever worked. I'm more alert, have fewer cravings, more calm, more energetic and oddly, sociable!?!!? My sleep has been excellent and, best of all, not doing anything different, I'm losing weight! Go GRIND

Ed Bloomfield


I love the new formula!! Even better than the old one.



Absolutely love this stuff! Motivation off the charts. Clarity and calmness while still having energy is amazing. Been a customer since 2019 and I’m really excited to try the new batch!!

Christopher Gigante


This lives up to what it is saying, I have never felt better than I do now. Thank you.



This shit is amazing. I have a light alarm set for 15 minutes before I really need to get up, to take my little red pill. When the actual alarm goes off to get my ass out of bed….I’m ready to get the kids off to school, pull my shit together for work, and get stuff done. I’m easily unmotivated by unappealing chores, work deadlines, etc. Somedays I have to take 4, Bc I’m just a stubborn mule sometimes, other days just 1 or 2. It just keeps me moving forward. Extra bonus, haven’t felt the pain of too much Whiskey 😳 since I started The Grind! We should start a program to buy one and donate one to our military men and women. We could split the cost? Why not share the love? What do you think, you live it folks? Thanks for the zero fucks! Totally appreciate it!

Danny L Meyer


I was hesitant to take this at first because every product says that it can do these things. Trust me I have one person that all of these other products say they will work and they do not nothing ever works with me I have a high tolerance to all of those products. The past few years have not had motivation to do anything but lay on the couch and no motivation whatsoever and always used to be an active energetic person. Bottom line this stuff works. Hands down the absolute best product I have ever tried and I've been in the workout industry for over 10 plus years wanting to get back into it from losing my drive and after the first week I'm already back in the gym in my life is changing. Cannot say enough about this product buy it try it you will not want to go without it. Truly is amazing



I bought these for the 1st time last year. I've tried lots of different things for energy. I have to say, this is the BEST!! It works perfectly. I take 1 as soon as I get up and I'm able to last all day. I can keep up with my young children (I'm 48yrs old with an 11 yr old and 8yr old) I also have my husband taking them, Lol. I drink coffee too and I never get jittery or anything. I bought 2 bottles to start, and when I got low I went to buy more but they were on backorder. I panicked, no lie. So now I buy way before I get low. If you haven't tried this, please do. They're the best and definitely worth the money. And be sure to reorder before you get low Lol



Day 2. So far SO good. Not a morning person. Took 1 before I got out of bed. Starts working very quickly. I’m ready to jump up and start my day in no time! Hope this is not too good to be true.

Jack Pollock


So I already left a review, but now, after 2 amazing days of happiness and calmness and just euphoria, I decided to buy 3 more bottles incase I run out, or they run out of stock. Get yours foreal! Or give them to me!!! Best thing out there!!! No joke!!!

Jack Pollock


I’ve been trying nootropics which work great for memory and focus, but I still needed something to take away the edge and stress. I got my bottle yesterday and assumed they didn’t work after 3 pills in a few hours. Oddly enough it took my body a while to get them working on me and I was blown away! 3 was too much, not in a bad way, but 1 would have been enough. I felt so calm so relaxed, no cares or worries. And I’m always anxious and pessimistic. I had the best day of my life yesterday as well as today. I’m on lunch at work now and I feel so good. Nothings bothering me. I feel floaty, I can’t explain how it feels all the way but it’s like feeling so good after hooking up with that first love and wanting to feel it all the time! Awesomeness! I’m ordering 2 more bottles ASAP. No jokes.

Katrina Cox-VanGrandt


OK so I have to say I have probably tried every pill out there for energy. And I have to say these pills by far blow everything else out of the water. Not only do I have energy but I’m happy, which if you knew me, That’s definitely a good thing because anxiety and depression run in my family on my mom side. So yes I definitely get energy I get off my butt I pack my house to move across the country I deep clean my house, I clean out my car I do yardwork I play with my dogs I joke around with my daughter I have fun with my husband, you name it I do it. I also have an immune deficiency disorder that we haven’t narrowed down yet that makes me excessively tired so these to me are fantastic. I take them with A glucosamine pill that I get off of Amazon I eat a small breakfast that usually equals a fruit parfait of some sort, of course I drink a coffee because I love coffee and I do not get the jitters I don’t feel sick I drink lots of water and ice tea and I rock my work-day at the hospital! I now have my husband taking these and my 18-year-old daughter. Husband just started taking them a few months ago, and the daughter has been taking them for about the last year same as me. For those that worry about their blood pressure I have high blood pressure and I take lisinopril at night time for that and these pills do not for any reason raise my blood pressure.

Sally Price


I just wanted to tell you all how much I LOVE your product! It has seriously saved me. I use it every single day (some times multiple times a day) and I recommend it to everyone. Ive been trying to get all my friends off of energy drinks and switched over to Grind. You guys rock and thanks for making such a badass product!!

Jim Mockerman


I've been using Grind, daily, for over a year. This supplement has changed my life. Suffering from chronic fatigue, I had tried nearly every supplement and vitamin on the market, with no improvement. Now I take one capsule before breakfast and I'm ready to "Grind" out the day. I'm finally back to living a normal life with energy, focus, and stamina. Thank you, Live It!

Devon J


This is my this my third purchase of Live It Grind supplements and it's a MUST that I leave a review!! I never felt so focused, poised, calm and so confident in my life after taking these supplements. I work in healthcare and it is my job to attend to those nearing end of life. The emotional and physical stress can take a tremendous toll on one's being and for years I have been searching for an herbal supplement to control my stress levels within my work space. Live It Grind transformed my life and I am more effective to those who really need my support. I take Live it Grind every where I go! No Jitters but pure mental clarity and balance. To the people who created this supplement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You're a life changer!

John Davis


Been using grind for about 7 months, this review is long overdue. 2020...what a year, grind has consistently gotten me through some of the toughest days of my life. I can’t believe that it took me 10 years to find the perfect energy supplement. My search began as a young man in the military, and now stops with grind. It’s like I was just dating other energy sources but grind and I are in wedded bliss. It does everything that the producers promise and what impresses me even more is the fact that somehow, it was formulated so that even daily long-term usage doesn’t have you build up a tolerance to it. The whole tolerance thing is the very reason I had to keep trying different energy drinks, supplements, etc. This stuff is the absolute truth and there’s not even a close second out there. I’ve gotten to the point where I have to keep at least 2 bottles at a time in stock for myself, to make sure I don’t even come close to running out. A bonus is that most times only one capsule a day is needed. A day without grind just doesn’t feel right.

Joske de Boer - Netherlands


Love it, gives good energy without a crash. Already ordered my second bottle because I want to be absolute sure That I always have enough Grind! The best product I have ever used!

Chris P


Amazing supplement just ordered my 4th bottle. I take it to get it in gear on rough days. Works great been taking it for 6 months now

Bernd - Germany


Hey nice stuff. I have used these pills since 3 months now and I feel like focused like never before About 20 years ago a doctor diagnosed adhs and I thought I’ll be I’ll forever but your pills have showed that it can be better to live ...feel good feel focused and more ambition to work and live my days. Shortly I bought a bottle for my older brother and he has been impressed how it works



Noticed one hell of a significant difference in my mood, productivity, mindset; positively affecting my day for the better in and out. Was unsure if it was the pill but ever since I have been in taking adding such to my daily vitamin intake, Results have been incredible, results have been incredible. Incredible would honestly be an understatement.

Michael Allaby


Love this stuff. Had been using Modinafil for past 2 years for an occasional boost, it was excellent but made me agitated. Gave this stuff a shot and it is excellent. Better than modinafil, doesn't make me over work like modinafil, but gives a pleasant, sustained energy boost. Makes me more social too as a benefit.

Misty D. Marcum


This stuff is the real deal. I only ordered 1 bottle initially because I've ordered things online before that turned out to be junk. But this isn't, it works great, my husband has even started taking them.



I never tried anything like this before, but after reading all the good things about this product I'd gave it a try and my goodness what a difference it makes! Without getting jittery and shaky, I felt energized and focused all day through without any withdrawal symptoms as it wore off..Forgive my poor English, I'm from the Netherlands ^_^I'm a chronic pain patient who has been living without a job for the past 23 years because i came in a wheelchair and had to learn how to walk again and I have the diagnosis high brain pressure without clear cause, which leaves me with no energy at all, both mentally and physically...This product has changed that...and I love it! I can focus more and overall have more energy, both mentally and physically throughout the day! Thank you for discovering the benefits of the ingredients combined together!



These actually work. Day 1: Popped one as soon as they arrived, went to work. Felt a noticeable lift 1-2 hours later. Was more focussed. Had more energy. When I finished work, the sun was shining so took the dog for a 8km walk. Day 2: Woke up at sunrise with a noticeable spring in my step (I live with depression, I never wake up with a spring in my step). Popped 2, then went for a jog for the first time in 6 months then smashed out a full day at work, followed by gym in the evening. Day 3: Popped one with coffee in the morning. Felt focussed and more confident at work. Felt a lift in my mood and libido. My gf appreciated the difference later that evening :). Thank you.

M. Peters


I was truly skeptical about this stuff. I really was. My wife saw your ad on Facebook, and we looked up the reviews, and thought, well, it’s worth a shot. Forty dollars was less expensive than what I was paying for something that wasn’t really working... so I tried it.I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety for years.But in the past couple months since I bought this, I have FELT it change the pathways of how I think, of how I react, of how I function. It is a physical change... it is REAL. Thank you. Thank you for that. Is it a cure all? No. But dear god, I have functioned better in the last Ten months than I have in my entire life. Thank you.



I LOVE this product...if you dont try are missing out...2 thumbs up...

Brian Cwikla


Product is awesome! as promised....THANKS a BUNCH!

Steven Purpora


I ordered a bottle of this after seeing an ad online. After my first few experiences with it I realized that I'd want this on hand for ever. They say that they really wanted to maximize the ingredients in this pill, and maximize the synergies. I really think this is an amazing product and I have to say I believe they have achieved their goal. When I take these I can really feel a difference in my day. You get the feeling of enhanced energy, but also of focus, and of mood. The energy provided never feels over stimulating, doesn't crash very hard on you once it's gone, and really does go along way as far as dealing with whatever your day throws at you. Consider me a customer for life, as this is definitely a product that you can tell was thought out and tested to get you exactly the effects that brought you here. TL;DR: Buy this! You will not regret it!



I never leave reviews but honestly your product is amazing. I definitely feel a difference when I don't take them and I feel great when I do. No jittery feeling at all just alert awake and ready to take on the day. Your product is fantastic really helps me through my long insane crazy days as a nurse and single mom. Thank you

Ashley Michelle Foster


I actually just took my first dose of Grind and it made me feel fabuolous. I am a stay at home mom, college student, mom of three, and one dose enabled me to finish a research paper, do all my running around, chores, plus a 60 minute workout! I will not be without this product!

Edson R


I’m on day 7. You guys did it! You’ve helped humanity. So many of life’s small recurring, nagging, mundane problems like anxiety, ailments, chemical imbalances, lethargy, uneasiness, lack of concentration- IS GONE!! I feel at ease, confident, and calm. I was slowly drinking myself to death. My sides started hurting about a year ago and I’m 100% sure it was from drinking alcohol. Ever since day one on the pill, I felt the difference! I can easily choose not to drink or over eat now. I had some very imaginative and detailed dreams along with ideas that first night. I sleep like a rock throughout the night, I feel great and focused all day. Thank you a million times!! Also no heart burn, indigestion, gas, headaches, nor joint pains. You guys deserve a Nobel Prize

Charlene Roberts


This product does EXACTLY what it says it does!! AMAZING!

Marc Bridgers


Excellent product, results within 45 minutes, no jitters, or crash

Travis Williams


I read the reviews on FB. I figured at this point what's 39 bucks? I've spent thousands at the Des for antidepressants and sleep aids. Ambien and Zanax to name a few. Didn't really notice anything in the beginning but I'm 6'4' 295 so I took 2 a day. First thing I noticed was I didn't jump out of bed in. panic as I have for the past 10 years. The second thing is my mood today. I have told so many people just chill just relax when normally be just as upset as they were. I believe I started these pills Tuesday and it's now Independence day. Will be glad to see how I feel in a month. So far I'm liking your product.

John Price


I figured I would give this stuff a shot a couple months ago. I have fibromyalgia and the exhaustion is horrible. Grind takes my fatigue away and it lasts all day. I feel 5 or 10 years younger most days. I’m a customer for life.

Angelica Sisney


I kept seeing this stuff advertised but never paid much attention. I then decided to click on it and started reading all the positive comments. I have always relied on an energy drink to get me through some of my hardest and stressful work days. I am on day four of this and I'm super happy with how it's working. No gitters just a great mood and feeling vibrant. Normally I'm over whelmed and stressed out with a heavy work load but for the past four days I feel like I'm calm and feel like I can think clearly. This is great. I just wish I had ordered sooner.



This stuff is great. I was skeptical like everyone else but I'm telling yall, it works!! I've tried so many supplements over the years with no luck. I'm so glad i finally found something that really works for my ADD and my anxiety!!

Johnny Forshee


This product is absolutely amazing I don't usually leave reviews, but I had to these capsules make you feel great. You don't have the let down sluggish feeling at all just very satisfied with these capsules and very happy to see it say Made In USA.



This is an amazing thing that you have came up with! I have had pain in my big toe for over a month and it is almost gone!. I also have De Quervain's in my wrist which I've had for at least 3 months and the pain there was unbearable but now after taking these Live it pills im no longer taking ibuprofen. So thank you.

Crystal Miller


Makes ALL the difference in the world. Awake, product without feeling littered out and a way better mood no matter how stressful or crappy the day may be.. also great when working night shift or in my case flipping between day and night shift..

Timothy Murphy


I truly haven't tried any supplements for a while. My wife ordered these and she gave me one and wow is all I can say. Everything else I took made me feel jittery. That was my number one concern. This product works so well that I feel it is a blessing from God. My attitude is better and my energy and the most important thing is my nerves are awesome. I'm able to focus and work and I have no heart palpitations or anything else like the other supplements do negatively. I'm giving this product five stars being that it is awesome. I'm so glad I found this product. God bless all of you, Tim from Michigan.



IT WORKS!!! I was taking 30mg of adderall a day to function at work and if I stopped taking it.... yeah, not an option if i wanted to get anything productive done. I take two in the morning and I feel alert, dialed in and motivated to take on the day!! Then I actually feel ready for bed each night and don’t have the horrible come down side effects.... no headaches, no rapid heartbeat, no nothing.... it’s LEGIT!!



I've been taking your product for a month now, I think it's amazing, I don't get upset or impatient like I use to, it definitely keeps me focus, I work long days it helps with the long days. Great product no complaints, you have a customer 4life!



I have never submitted a review for anything. I have felt bad for so long. Grind actually has made me feel so much better. It increases my energy. It has increased my libido which was virtually non-existent. It also helps me curb my appetite and hopefully aid me in my weight loss journey. I am just finishing my first bottle and plan to continue ordering.

Darlene Bice


I've had this product for a while and have JUST started taking it. All I can say is WOW. The first day I took it (at like 7:00 am) about an hour in, I noticed a slight lift in my mood while driving to work. It just came out of nowhere....and then I remembered I took the Grind. By the time I got to work I was focused and ready to get started (I'm a trust banking accountant for an escrow company...this requires focus and attention to detail...something that was harder to come by before Live It) It has been a part of my daily regime for a week now and I will keep it indefinitely. I love how it just kind of creeps up on me and I feel good and focused, and by the time I'm ready for bed, it's worn off gently and I don't notice any drastic drop or mood swing. I sleep like a baby (except for the occasional night sweats waking me up, courtesy of menopause) and I wake up with a positive attitude and plans for the day start formulating. Before taking it, I would have to work harder to get into a positive mood and anticipate my day. Thanks Live It for finally making a product that doesn't make me fell like I'm going to have a heart attack, or make my hands shake like a crackhead.



Grind is awesome. Best stuff out there.



I have been laying around for weeks and taking naps throughout the day! I received my order today and took one pill... minutes later I started attacking projects around the house that have been sitting undone! After only one pill I’m hooked... cannot believe that they work and give me energy! I’ve tried so many other things that do not work but these pills are legit! Going to order more...

Jenny Harris


I really love this product! Gave me amazing energy without the jitters. It definitely gets better with time. Thanks for this life changing product!



Im not one to review products on line - but this is a fantastic product. Ive felt shitty for months. No energy, Ive been struggling to concentrate, cant sleep. A friend of mine told me about this and I bought a bottle to try. Holy Crap! Im impressed. From the very first day, I felt more alert and energized. After the first week, I was starting to feel like my old self again. Ive have used this product for the last 50 days. I can honestly say its making a huge difference for me. I just ordered my second bottle. If you're struggling with any of the above mentioned issues - try it. It works for me.

Gail Hendrix


I have been using Grind regularly for 6 months. It has helped with energy, but what I really notice is that it helps keep my calmer and less edgy and snappy. It doesn't make me jittery either.

Aaron Lowe


Being diagnosed and cursed by being dyslexic. Never being officially diagnosed with the infamous ADD, but KNOW I'm afflicted with it. 'Live It' is the first natural supplement that gives me the focus, memory retention, non-jittery NRG I need to begrudgingly endure my daily career tasks. Yep, DEFINITELY, zero fecks given! Love it!

Missi Maschino


I just purchased a third bottle of this amazing product. I was skeptical at first but once I tried it I was shocked at the positive effects. I have less joint pain and I feel satisfied and without cravings. I am typically someone sensitive to caffeine bit this product doesn't make me jittery but alert and I have a more focused and positive disposition. I started this product in November and it's now March. I have lost 18 pounds and my blood pressure is the best it's been in years which was 118/68 at my last appointment. I truly can't believe this product but the results speak for themselves! You won't regret the purchase just regret that you didn't purchase sooner!



This stuff is a game changer. I used to wake up dreading life because I knew I’d just be tired all day. I also have inattentive adhd and have tried everything. I metabolize medication quickly and the Adderall and Ritalin never gave me any benefits. In fact, they would make me very fatigued with bad side effects. I decided to order a bottle from your site and give it a week to see what would happen. After all, I was desperate at this point. I saw the positive reviews but was still skeptical since not even Adderall could clear my brain fog. After day three it clicked. It was like a switch was turned on and I could remember things I usually forget, my mood was so much better, and I look forward to mornings now! You have no idea how this has improved my life. I don’t know how you did it but please don’t stop making this product. I haven’t taken my Ritalin in over four months with no desire to go back. Thank you!



These things are one of the best supplements that I have found. Or rather my fiance had found for me, and it helps with focus energy. Really all sorts of thing, and I haven't had any side effects other than the good ones.

Cary Kuck


Just took my first pill hoping for good results!



Magic in a bottle ! No exaggeration here! Full day energy with no jitters, no crankiness the exact opposite. Helps with my mild anxiety, body aches and pains, oh and focus ? Yep helps with that too !

David C Odroneic


Its 3am. I started grind 20 min ago. I feel, awake and focused. I also have tunnel vision. Obviously a good form of focus. Not vision wise lol. After 6 years of 2 or 3 cans of energy drinks I'm astonished that one pill, first go and 15 min I feel it. With my work schedule combined with being a 39 year old unhealthy smoker i needed a new fix so to speak. I'm very curious as to what time I'll take another due to working 14 to 17 hour days. Anyway, just wanted to say so far so good.

Chris Gigante


What I was looking for, an all in one that could help grain energy and clarity to help motivate me to keep going with anything I need to get done. Just want to say thank you for making this possible, you have helped a great deal.

Dr. Strange


Week 1 and color me impressed! No jitters, heart palpitations or headaches. Just a gentle feeling of being awake and alert and focused, and it even helps the pain I’ve had lately in my lower back and legs. Some days when I haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before, I crash pretty hard once it wears off about 8 hours after taking 1 pill in the morning. Take another pill about 7 hours after the first seems to fix that. If I got decent sleep the night before, there’s no crash. So far so good. Hope I don’t start developing tolerance and needing higher doses.

James Cox


First, I want to start this email off by saying I am a idiot. I had been taking your supplement now for about three months and have never felt better, unless i was taking Hydrocodone or Fioricet to help with my headaches and anxiety, which is the main reason I started taking this product. I ran out and was waiting for my next shipment and it didn't come fast enough and i blamed you all. To whomever answers your email at this company you are a saint for putting up with my dumb ass. Found out that even though it said delivered with the tracking number, the post office held it for a about a week before being delivered. So to make a long story short thank you all for this product, it has helped me get off narcotics. No detox, no wishing i had one more hydro pill, nothing. My only word of advice to anybody getting this product is to order more when it gets to half a bottle left. Trust me on this.



This product is excellent in many ways. The feeling is great and no jitters, no crash. Just pure, clean energy. Big Fan!! Thank you!



As a stay at home to 5 children 2-9yrs old during the day and a working mom in the evening this has been a life saver. I struggle with undiagnosed depression and anxiety. Our day starts at 6am and some nights I don’t get to bed till 2am. I take my pill at 5:50am when I get up and take 10 mins to write in my prayer and selfgrowth journal and on my crazy days, another at 3pm. Within 30/40 mins I feel ontop of the world, energized and optimistic(as a pessimist/realist, this is HUGE)



Not sure what this stuff is all about but I love it! I always get mad thinking I don’t get enough done during the day but that has certainly changed! More energy more clarity and an overall desire to stay busy! Thanks!

Island Angela


I have a genetic brain issue in which; my case I have 10 benign tiny brain tumors the size of my pinky tip. They affect my focus, sleep and emotions. Mostly that means, I need to sleep 9-10 hrs for a decent energy level. The bare min would be 6-7... but a nap definitely required after 2-3 awake hours. Brain fog and crankiness is the norm. Well, it took about 2 full weeks for me to really feel and know they actually WORK FOR ME!! WOW!!! The most notable difference is in my focus and ability to both absorb and share new knowledge. I can feel and speak with clarity I haven't had in years (I am 58.) I AM A HAPPY EXAMPLE OF RESULTS FROM THIS ONE PILL A DAY! I HAVE taken only 2 a day max so far. Just a BTW. Xoxoxo

Becky A Zambito


I take adderall, have for years, and this definitely compares without the annoying side effects I get from my script. I wasn't clenching my jaw or bouncing my foot for an hour when I was at my desk. I was also able to eat. I only need 1 at a time because I'm only 130lbs. I have 2 friends taking it for weightloss support now and they are doing great!

Josephine Wallen


I've been using this product for a week now, I really like how it makes me feel. I feel amazing and happy, smiling for no reason. It gets me through my work day. Definitely recommend trying it.

David Young


I placed an order and within a few days I was on my way to a better me! I have been taking this product for only three days and I am amazed already! I have a more outgoing and positive attitude throughout the day, I am more focused and look forward to things. I am very sensitive to caffeine and have no side effects like jitters, being irritated or crashing a few hours later. I’m even sleeping better. I would recommend this product to anyone!!!

Kristine Thornton


I am skeptical of pretty much all "dietary supplements" making claims of giving you energy and feeling great, blah, blah, blah. I have been disappointed every single time I've taken a chance on such supplements. However, I have just ordered my second bottle of Grind, because I actually feel like it helps. I struggle with chronic fatigue, migraines, "brain fog," muscle and joint pain, and terrible sleep. I take 2 capsules in the morning as soon as I wake up and my day is so much better! I'm going to continue this for a few months to see if these results are consistent. I am very optimistic about this!



This. This is it. I know it's for more energy but it has been doing so much more for me. I have no withdrawals from quitting drinking soda. I drinking no sugary drinks and feeling better. It is all water (some coffee) and that is drastically improving my life. These boost my energy and in combination with the water drinking I can focus, I don't crash mid day, and I'm losing weight. I have bought into some dumb stuff in my day and I almost passed on this. I am eternally grateful I didn't. I can't say enough. These effing WORK!



Product works really well! I’ve had issues with other caffeine supplements giving me a slight headache but this delivers smooth energy for at least eight hours a day. Different than an energy drink which usually gives you or two or three hour buzz. I would highly recommend this to anyone that needs a little bit more motivation throughout the day.

Emily Rose Fletcher


I have been extremely distracted with zero energy for months. I had 2 hip surgeries this summer, became deeply depressed, and it was everything I could do to get out of bed every morning to go to work and put on a happy face. I came home and crashed every day, so household stuff fell behind. I felt completely out of control. I've tried vitamins and supplements before, but never saw noticable results. Last month, I saw an ad on facebook for Grind and figured why not give it a shot? Can't hurt. 🤷‍♀️I got it and felt subtle results the first day. I started to feel a little more alive and like I WANTED to get up and be productive. A few days later, I didn't just want to... I did! I got more done this past month than the last 6 months combined! I started running low and said yep, I better order more! And I've never done that with a supplement I found on the internet before. I highly recommend this product!

Heriberto Macedo


I’m a full-time student studying web design and development. I find myself sitting at school 4 hours a day coding Monday - Friday. Then I go home and do the same thing for another 4 hours. Sitting down for a long period of time has been killing my back. In 2018 I went to the emergency room in a fetal position thinking I was dying...The amount of pain on my back was unbearable! Needless to say, it was the sciatic nerve that was giving me this unbearable pain. On Dec 22, 2019, I pulled my right lower back, lifting a single medium-sized box from the trunk of my vehicle. Which was parked about 100 feet from my doorstep? The box wasn’t heavy at all! So I left its place. I went back to my place empty-handed. About 30 minutes later in my place couldn’t stand, sit, walk, crawl. I could only lay down on my right side of my body. I couldn’t bear in mind that I was to lye down on my couch for who knows the amount of time until the pain went away. I had ibuprofen nearby and took 800mg it helped a little just enough to sleep it off. I ended ordering Lidocaine patches on Amazon Prime to take advantage of the fast delivery. unfortunately for me, they were to be delivered on 27 Dec 2019. I had no choice but to lay on my couch and watch tv all day. :-) On 26 Dec 2019, I received my bottle of “Live It” I was eager to try it out but it was going to be painful going downstairs and retrieving it from my mailbox. The hell with it! So I did with pain and agony. I took a pill of “Live It” just to see if it would lift my spirits. To my surprise, every hour by the hour my pain was going away slowly. I diminished my pain after 3 hours taking it on an empty stomach. I was in question for the whole day. Yes, I was happy but this had me thinking, what in the hell made the pain go away? I knew I couldn’t give credit to the “Live it” product just by taking one pill my pain goes away. Not sure if I can believe this… I had not taken Ibuprofen and have not received my Lidocaine patches from Amazon at the time. The only thing I had taken was one pill of "Live It"! Today is the 27th Dec and my Lidocaine patches have not arrived. Although, I will not be using them. I'm pain-free! I'm typing this review and have to say I’m thankful for your product .I was never expecting a pain reliever for sciatic nerve! Your product has been a true blessing and a true believer that it has to offer. Killed sciatic nerve painMental alertnessMental focus In the mood for writing. I don’t know why!!!! Again Thank you and will be ordering more soon!

Brianna Burkholder


I was in a really dark place when I decided to click on your Facebook ad- I felt like nothing would ever help me out of my depression and I just had to suffer through it. I'm manic depressive so I've ridden this roller coaster many times. But this product was an absolute life-saver and simultaneously tamed my anxiety and depression in ways I've never felt. The indecision and fatigue that were like chains that bound me to the same old habits and inactivity were completely broken once I started Grind. I felt the energy and motivation to handle "Life" and things that would've triggered my anxiety before. I had trouble even making eye contact before but now I have my sense of humor back because I feel like my brain is functioning enough to be witty and conversational now. My relationship is also being saved by the fact that my libido is recovering. I can't exaggerate how much this stuff h as saved my life, and I won't shut up about it to my friends and loved ones, so I figured it was high time to leave a review. Thank you so, so much for creating this supplement. You have really made something beautiful.

James Wainwright


This stuff works exactly as stated on the bottle. I’ll be ordering more ASAP

J Reiswig


I was very skeptical when I saw this on fb. You always hear how these reviews can be bs but I have to say, I’ve been taking Grind for a week. I take 1 in the morning when I get up and 1 in the afternoon. It suppresses my appetite, which I wasn’t expecting, it gives me energy to get up and go instead of feeling like I’m always tired. I love it! Seriously, finally something that doesn’t make you jittery while giving you energy. I will def be ordering more.



I love this stuff. It makes me feel how I imagine "normal" people, who have normal energy feel. By that I mean that when I take this magic little red pill, I don't feel jittery or caffeinated, I just feel like I'm running on all cylinders again. Like I'm in my 20's again. Like I don't have chronic fatigue and depression.

Rozzanna Davis


A friend recommended “Grind” to me and I ordered it but was very skeptical! I have an autoimmune disorder that causes a lot of fatigue and “brain cloud”, so I’m always looking for supplements to help. I’ve tried GNC, Blue Star, etc and am always disappointed. They either make my heart race, make me too jittery or have other side effects that I can’t tolerate. Grind is AMAZING. I still can’t quite believe how well it’s working! I feel so much more alert and energetic! It’s also a very nice even feeling - it doesn’t spike and then crash at all. I feel really lucky to have tried this!

Stephanie Sosbe


I just finished my 3rd bottle and I am still amazed at what this does for me! I work 60 hours a week, I have 2 busy kids, 2 damn dogs, a cat and a husband and Im pretty sure I'm the only one doing most things around here, well except for the dog and sometimes he eats stuff that falls on the floor so that helps a little. This stuff is great! I also feel like it suppresses my appetite which I wasn't expecting! I'm ordering #4 now and I'm mad I let myself run out!

Judith Sherwood


I never do this but felt you needed to know what a great product you have. I saw it on a Facebook ad & was skeptical b/c of all the glowing reviews but figured it couldn't hurt to try it. It's been a lifesaver this past month & half. I didn't realize just how shitty I felt until I started taking Grind. It improved the lack of energy I always have due to insomnia and PMS symptoms reduced drastically. The fatigue, irritability, & head fog I had dramatically reduced these past 2 cycles & I just want to thank you for creating an amazing product. I was skeptical at first because I've tried just about everything but whatever is in this bottle was missing from my body and so I'll be putting in my 2nd order soon. Thanks so much.



Absolutely recommend this product! I have suffered several major debilitating health events over the years which have has a catastrophic effect on my over all health, some of the effects are permanent :( . I used to feel very low energy, required sleep all the time, struggled to exercise, and just be able to do the everyday things I needed to do. I was slowly but surely slipping into a depression. This product has given me the ability to get up everyday and do many of the tasks I need to perform. Emotionally, I feel so much better, and sometimes have energy to spare, which my young daughter is loving. I can say yes again to activities with her! What I really like about it is that it does not lock one into a state. Being that I am recovering from horrid medical events, if I am exhausted I can go to sleep on it easily. It also does not emotionally zombify a person, either. If something sad occurs I am sad, or annoyed or happy, you name it. This product has been amazing for me! Before, I struggled to even just feel relevant as my body struggled to heal; now I have a wonderful but not overwhelming sense of “everything will be okay”, and I am able to set boundaries with myself and others regarding what I can and can not do without feeling burdensome or shame. As I continue to struggle to heal, I am now feeling like my body is my partner and no longer do I feel betrayed by it. Daily Grind gave me myself back! Thank you for making this amazing product! I am so glad I gave it a try! I am almost done with my first bottle (I take one M-F and none on the weekends, as a note there is NO crash when I do not take it) and have ordered two more bottles! Thank you! Thank you! ️

Deborah Perry


So I started taking these 2 days ago, I already notice a difference. I’m usually tired all day, no matter how much sleep I get, how many vitamins I take or how much caffeine I drink. I’ve tried everything but my life revolves around when can I sneak away for a nap. I thought I was depressed or something cuz I was sleeping all the time. I was slacking on everything at home, and dragging ass all the time. I realized yesterday (2nd day on them) that I wasn’t tired! I felt like a normal person! No groggy feeling, no slamming coffee all day, no jitters, no crash, and no headaches from feeling so tired but forcing myself to stay awake. I went all day feeling great, I feel normal finally. I even went to the doctor to have my thyroid checked but no problems there, I was so frustrated. I eat well and take vitamins, exercise when we can etc... but these are the only thing that ever worked for me. Amazing.

Tiffany Stewart


I've suffered from nightmares and night terrors for the past 10 years of my life. I bought this stuff bc I thought it would improve my mood and help up my energy level. It absolutely improves my mood. I get up... pop one. Take my kids to school. I wake up super refreshed and ready to take on the day! BUT the absolutely wonderful part!! I NO LONGER SUFFER FROM NIGHTMARES!! I've been getting the best sleep of my LIFE at especially at night. I think maybe the tiredness during the day is my body's way of trying to catch up from YEARS of shitty sleep. Now that I'm getting used to one in the morning, I'm going to try two. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS PRODUCT!!



I love this stuff. No crash like caffeine. No jitters. I take one in the morning and sleep fine at night . Definitely curbs stress levels. Plus free shipping. I see a lot of future purchases. Recommending to family and friends.

Mark Lerch


These pills are unbelievable thanks!!!!!

Christian Beer


This stuff is for real if your tired of being drained look no further this is what you have been looking for. I highly recommend this stuff its awesome!!!!

Mellisa Wipijewski


This stuff is out of this world! Really no joke. I can not believe how great I feel and it’s only my second day. I’m a funeral director so my sleep gets interrupted a lot. Taking these magical pills makes me feel normal ha. This stuff is just simply amazing! Thank you so much for this magic

Kenneth Webb Jr


Love it! Just taken my second dose, starting to feel like doing something! No jitters!

Todd B Hohbein


I'm 45 years old. Felt like I was slowing down a bit in many areas; workouts weren't as intense, libido not as high as I'd like, focus a t work could be better, and I often felt fatigued and drained by the time work was over. Getting up in the mornings felt like a chore sometimes I heard about Grind through an ad on Facebook. I was skeptical, but figured, 'what do I have to lose; why not give it a try?' I placed my order and the product arrived shortly thereafter. Wow. Every characteristic I mentioned in the first part of my review improved dramatically. I popped out of bed in the mornings, accomplished more at work than ever before, added muscle through intense, fun workouts, and life in the bedroom with the wife was amazing. Fort three straight weekends I built a huge wooden deck addition on my house -alone! I had so much drive, energy and focus that I didn't even notice the work or feel wiped out, I just kept pushing and got the job done. I am a Grind customer for life!!!

Dan Briley


I was skeptical at first but its the Real deal. I've noticed a huge difference in my mood and energy. Definitely worth a try!!!!!!!



All the focus, zero jitters or wired feeling. Sleep is still an option if you've taken some and decided you want to lay down I stead. Best use for myself so far is to have one before a long drive. I get highway hypnosis super bad, especially near dusk or dark. Out of 8 different times I tested these out I had zero falling asleep at the wheel issues. I just didn't get drowsy. Even with my mind wondering, I felt completely normal, just not tired and focused on the task at hand. I also tested by starting few of my drives without having taken one. 1hr into my nighttime drive and my head bobbing, crossing eyes, blurred vision. Pulled into a gas station, grabbed a water, popped a grind. And down the road I went. Not really sure when it takes effect because there is no clear bing, or buzz to distinguish. I do know I had zero drowsiness, only focused and alert like daytime driving for 3 more hours after I too k one. I also tested to see if there were any type of withdrawal or reliance I may have acquired by using them regularly. I've actually found I can skip for weeks or drop them at anytime with no burn out or need to have to have one or more. I describe the effect as more of a vitamin style. By that I mean it's almost like as you take these your body is healing and recieving something it has needed for a long time but can live without. Your certainly better for having them but not completely lost without them. Maybe it's just me but I have found zero dependence on these at any time. I prefer to use them as a driving aid or mental focus aid for when I really need my A game at work. I swear I require coffee more than I require these but they are a nice pick me up to have when I need them. Great product!! Please never change this recipe. Spot on!!



This stuff really is amazing! I’m super cautious about any sort of supplement because I’ve been burned repeatedly, but this stuff is one of the few that actually does what it says. I’m a full time working dad and MBA student. Grind allows me to power through the day and actually get things done. I work as a corporate trainer, so I’m in front of an audience most days. This product helps to clear any brain fog I might have, which allows me to clearly articulate any material in which I might be teaching. I just ordered my second bottle so that I don’t run out.

Anne Seufert


Worked well!

Amy Evasku


Very impressed , I'm a bus driver, I wake up earlier then the birds -I take 2 when I wake up and sometimes 1 more if I need it. I have 4 kids, and a jam packed day every day. Glad I found this!

Svetlana Hoppe


Best product ever!!! I will not stop to praising on it, since strangling day by day with Lupus I can not only manage my day, but enjoy it! Thank you guys for the gift of a better life!”



I cannot believe this exists! I have energy all day, no jitters, no crash! LOVE this product!



Have finally found the solution to my energy crisis!

Mike Tortomose


Good shit!!!

Crystal Segovia


I really love this supplement. For the longest time I struggled to find energy for every day things and tried so many supplements. These are the best that have worked consistently and now I don't want to run out!! They even make me sociable as I am in a good mood and my anxiety has been lowered. Now I share with everyone I know.

Billie McDowell


Just got mine in mail at lunchtime and took one immediately.....and it seems to be working immediately....or I'm crazy....but will see if same results in the morning. So far so husband took one and is feeling better amazed one dose would work so quickly...under 1 hour...and no jitters

Ebony Davenport


I'M 43 YRS OLD work full time, a wife and 2 small children, THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST INVESTMENT OF MY LIFE! GRIND gets me through my day shift then when I get home I still have cooking, cleaning, and babies to take to the park, bath and put to bed, Not to mention the fact cleaning and dishes and preparing clothes and work uniform for the next day to START THIS SHIT ALLLLL OVER AGAIN. I needed help and had none and finally across my face book page this ad pops up and I gave it a go. GOD HIMSELF ANSWERED MY PRAYERS THIS PRODUCT RIGHT HERE IS THE TRUTH! I GET THROUGH A DAY NOW LIKE IT AINT SHIT I CONQUER AND DEFEAT DAILY! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY LIFE EASIER! I ALWAYS HAD AN ATTITUDE BECAUSE I WAS ALWAYS TIRED AND NOT HAPPY WELP NOW MY MARRIAGE ISN'T SO SHITTY BECAUSE IM HAPPIER AND I OWE IT TO YOU GUYS 👍. THANKS YOU SAVED MY LIFE AND MY HUSBANDS😘



Ok, WOW! I received my first bottle this morning and took one immediately. You guys aren't kidding when you say you can feel it working right away! I am excited to see what the next 30 to 60 days feels like. Actually, I'm beyond excited!!

Valli Henry


My fiancé and I decided to try this, as middle age is kicking in (I’m 42, he’s 57), and we just don’t have the pep in our step the way we used to. We were skeptical at first, but this stuff really does work. This is my third order. We both felt great the first day we tried it, but I found that after a few days, my concentration intensified even more. You really DO feel good mood-wise, not hungry, and I complete tasks I used to leave unfinished. All of this without any jitters or “speedy” feelings. Great product!

Robby Duncan


Just received my first bottle yesterday and took my first capsule early this morning while getting ready for work. I work in a warehouse. I took only one capsule. Holy shit!!! I'm like half beast and half machine today!! This stuff has transformed me into a friggin' super hero like... Instantly! I know this sounds over exaggerated, but I assure is not! It's been nearly 5 hours now since taking just one. Still kicking ass like never before and I'm in an unusually great and positive mood. Absolutely shocking! Will be buying this every month! I will make a new review in a week or so with updated results. Thanks!

Jamie S


I was sceptical, but the blunt, no bs advert, and all these positive reviews got my attention. I'm very satisfied that I tried it, and I am ordering again. I take one in the morning, no jitters, or adverse reactions. I have energy through the day & skip that lag I used to feel after lunch time. My dreams have been very vivid, I've been sleeping more soundly. This product does what it promises, I love it. No complaints.

Jake Lechner


I suffer from depression and have tried a couple antidepressants. One made me feel even worse while the other just made me tired all the time. This stuff gives me subtle energy, unlike coffee which makes me shaky, and also lightens my mood. I finally feel like getting up out of bed and being productive. Thank you so much for this.



Day 2 48yo 190lbs Work full time Parent full time EXHAUSTED FULL TIME HOLY SHIT! I LOVE THIS PILL!! No jitters, headache, after taste. I can focus, function, tolerate noise, GET SHIT DONE!!!

Courtney Burnor


I have always had anxiety and have been on a muriad of antidepressants and mood stabilizers in my life. Within the past year I had stopped taking medication because the side effects were worse than the problem. I stumbled upon this and decided I really had nothing to lose, I recieved the bottle and didnt open it for about a month. I was concerned that despite the claims I would get jittery or some other unwanted effect. One day I felt particularly low and just went for it. I took 1 capsule and in 20 minutes I couldnt stop smiling! My anxiety is gone, I feel great and the claims are true "you just don't give a @$!". Amazing product just reordered!

Sheila Liriano


I suffer from Fibromyalgia. I’m always feeling extremely fatigued and can barely get out of bed. I purchased this supplement without expectations but I just want to say that it has changed my life!! I feel so much better, I can’t really put it into words how life changing this has been. I take 2 pills when I wake up in the morning, on an empty stomach. 20 minutes later I am a total new person with so much energy. I will never be without it.

Courtney Burnor


Excellent! Thank you, I feel happy again for the first time in a long time!

Richard Howell


I work two jobs. I gave you guys a try because caffeine wasn’t cutting it anymore and I was spending to much money on chasing the next supplement to help me through my day. After 5 days of using your product, I’m 100% sold. I researched the ingredients myself, and have to say I have literally not felt better about another supplement. All-in.

Lisa Barnard


This is Amazing! I've only been taking these little awesome pills for less than a week and everyday I have more energy! I've got thyroid issues so I'm tired alot. I'm also a woman of a certain age, so I don't sleep well. Just one pill when I first wake up keeps me energized and and on task all day long. No crash, no jitters, just feeling like wonder woman!! I'm sleeping better at night too. I'm sharing this new found bottle of "fuck yeah" with all my friends! Can't thank you enough for such a great product!!!



This stuff works... point blank. I have been prescribed Adderall for over 10 years now, so I’m a tough customer, but this stuff has worked for me. I literally have been nodding off at my desk for the past hour or so (total of 4 hours of sleep off and on last night).... took my prescribed medicine a few hours ago... ehh... just took two of these pills about 15 minutes ago- now I’m revived and functional. I still need my other medicine, but this stuff definitely provides a boost. Thanks guys! Don’t stop making it!!!!

Nicole Rousey


These pills are everything. This must be what normal people feel like. Happy, focused, energy to spare, positive thoughts, positive attitude. I'm so relieved.

Tina ODell


This stuff is amazing. I'm not sure I've ever felt this good. I've been in a slump for a long time and this got me right out of it. I was very pleased. I tried to reorder but it is out of stock. I hope I can get more before I run out.

Scott Snell


The good stuff!



To find something that works for mood, anxiety, energy and appetite, what more can you ask for. I am a nurse and a huge skeptic and I have just ordered my 3rd bottle and have turned several friends onto this and will continue to. I love this stuff!

Lindsay Bailey


I have been taking this products for quite a few months and I love it! It really is the best product I’ve taken that improves my focus without being jittery, makes me feel happier! Thank you for a great product

Gayle Stewart


I am on my second bottle. It has really helped me at work. I work 12 hour nights and this helps so much. Along with the energy boost it helps improve my mood so much! I used to get so mad that I would cry. That hasn't happened since I started using these. Thank you!

Jamie Johnson


I've been taking this for about a week now. I take two every four hours or so. Im a 5'3" 125 lb female. I used to drink coffee, but drink green or black tea now. Not sure why 2 pills are my thing but OH WOW. I don't ever want to stop taking these, and I hope you can't be addicted (Ive never been addicted to anything in my life and im 48 years old). I feel like I don't ever want to be without this product. I usually don't write reviews, but damn. Since I've been taking them I'm the happiest I've ever felt, and im already a pretty happy person. I have tons of energy, and its completely different from drinking a cup of coffee. NO jitters. Im basically completing tasks that used to look impossible, and I don't stress over the things I can't get to. Everything is a sort of glass half full at all times. I can tolerate people more and my workouts have greatly increased. Im not hungry, and Ive turned into supermom at home. I even booked a 2 week long Disney European cruise, because.... fuck it I'm feeling that happy. As a matter of fact it's Disney magic in a bottle. PS DO NOT take near bedtime....for real. Thanks for a great product.

Tina Dmith


Me and my boyfriend took two each. We sang karaoke for about three hours and had sex four times. No jitters or anything weird. Next test is how will it enhance work outs or work in general. So far I like this product.

Jennifer Borden


Amazing product and awesome customer service. I have tried so many different products before this one and none of them have come close to comparing to this product. Thank you so much!

Katrina Cordes


This stuff is like the real-life “NZT” from the movie “Limitless”, minus all the crazy hallucinations and such. When I take this regularly, eat a good meal and get decent sleep I’m on fire! Honestly my life is crazy, taking care of my sick father, rebranding and moving my business, teach classes at the Tech school and managing a household was a million times harder before I tried this. And believe me, I did that whole eye-roll and scoff when I first read the Ad for this. But then, the science! They know their stuff! So I tried and OMG! I can’t live without it. I did notice that my stomach took a few days to adjust. I have to eat a decent amount of food with the pill otherwise I get a bit queasy, but that’s normal for me. I don’t think those with normal stomachs will have that issue. Now that it’s been a bit I don’t have as much of an issue :-) Thank you for making this product! It really is great!

Kristy Geiger


I do have to say this is amazing! I take it the minute I wake up with lots of water and does not upset my stomach. 5 minutes later I feel really good and can start my day. Everything they claim is true. On days that I didnt sleep well and get tired I take another in the afternoon. The amount of caffeine in this is less than a cup of coffee so even if I take it around 4 PM it doesnt disturb my sleep. I use to take thrive for the same effects but this is better at a smaller cost. So I would encourage you to give this a shot. I wish I could sell this like I use to sell thrive. Thank you. And also this company is amazing at answering questions and responding in a great time.

Wendy Sanders


I never want to be without this product. I have been on meds the last 20 years of my life for depression, anxiety, insomnia and ADD. With my physicians approval I have been able to cut my dosage of some medications significantly and have eliminated 3 (working on 4) of the medications I’ve been taking. I hardly remember what it’s like to “feel like myself”, but this past month has been the best I’ve felt in a very long time. My clients have noticed a change in my disposition and keep asking if I’ve met someone new. I haven’t, but now I feel more confidence that maybe I will! Resting B Face has been replaced by a resting look of contentment.

Brooke Dicks


I am always apprehensive when I see a product claiming to do all of the things Live It does. But this stuff really works! It gives me great all day long energy without the jitters and that is helping sleep better at night. It helps me stay focused at work to finish tasks. I love this product!

Sherry Laurin


Whoever made this proxuct. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been looking for something like this for sooooo many years!! Im so glad I tried this!! Its been a huge help! Love the marketing too!



I love this product! From the first time I took it, it has made all the difference. I have so much energy, which I lacked in a strong way before. No other product has given me the results like this one! For the first few days, I did feel a tad nauseous but the benefits did out way the negatives. I kept taking and I no longer feel nauseous and still have lots of energy. I ordered another bottle so I do not run out!

Vicki Laude


So...I am a direct marketing rep for a company that sells products to help you achieve everything this one product does. Why would I even try this you ask. First, the marketing materials for this product are amazing. I couldn't help but to click on the ad to read more. Once I read it, well....I had to buy it and see if it was all it was claiming. My husband is always searching for that perfect pill to get him through his day. I told him he had to not take any other products while he tried this so we would know how good it was. He is sold Hook line and sinker. Then he told my son to try them one day because he was sick and needed energy to get through the day at work. Co-workers of my son's asked him if he was on some speed type of pills because he had so much energy while being sick. It really does do what it says, and you feel healthy pick me up, not that crazy heart racing nervous energy. Buying 2 more bottles today!

Jacob London


Ok. I left a comment on here a week ago. I ordered a few days ago. It came today and I took 2 because I am a big guy (270 lbs)... I received no incentive, no discount, have never even talked to this company, and paid the $40 for the 60 capsules. This is what I have to say: What a great fucking product. 💯 I'm beyond impressed because nothing holds true to claims these days. This does. I've had perma-grin for hours and haven't even smoked any pot! It's just pleasant. I feel motivated to do shitty boring chores and my overall mood is markedly better. I must say that I was incredibly skeptical and wondered if the reviews were contrived or paid or what... I believe they are all sincere now. In fact, look at the other comment I made on this post about a week ago, asking why there were way less comments than it said there were on the post (assuming all the bad ones were deleted). I still don't know the answer to that, but if the question is whether this shit is legit and for real??? Oh, fuck yes. It is... 😁

Vincent Napoli


I’ve taken just about every type of energy product available since I became interested in supplements when I was 14 and discovered working out and fitness in general. There are products that really work and products that are a joke, which sucks because most are expensive. I’ve taken some of the ingredients by themselves that are listed in this product and they have worked. The difference is that none of them individually has worked a good as they do collectively in Grind! I’m blown away. I had a bad morning, very stressful and depressing honestly. On my lunch break, my bottle arrived. (Yep I was watching the tracking number to see exactly when they were delivered lol). I took two since I’ve taken most of theses ingredients before. Anyways, After about a half hour it kicked in and I’m talking to everyone at work like I’m having the best day of my life. Even struggling through situations during a video shoot I was able to stay calm and get it done, working everything out creatively. I’m sold... I love it. You all have created a wonderful product! Thank you!

Salle Williams


I'm on day 3 of this product and I can honestly say I feel a huge difference from what I normally feel, I have a rare blood disorder so the majority of products I have taken have given me an adverse reaction but with this product I've finally found something that actually works for me. I'm taking my entire stash of supplements and giving them to my co-workers an purching me a second bottle of this product, that's how satisfied I am after only 3 days of use.

James Bowles


A+++ Loved the product. Wouldn't change a thing about it.

Ross Allen


I work in the automotive industry. On top of long hours, and trying to be the best for my team, running a dealership takes its toll on you. Everyone, everyday looks to be the leader and set the tone for how the business will be run. Before I started taking Grind I was always tired, unmotivated, unable to complete the simplest of tasks without being distracted. I wasn't able to stay focused and this was causing me great stress beyond belief. I was always looking for the magic "miracle pill" and have spent thousands of dollars trying to find it. Until now. I take Grind everyday now. The energy and mental clarity I get from Grind is unparalleled. I've never taken a supplement that not only gives you energy to get me through the day, it also makes it impossible for the daily stresses of life to get you down. Between the energy, mental clarity, and mood enhancement I get from Grind, I know I've found the "Miracle Pill"! I've taken supplements that cost upwards of $200 claiming to deliver Mental Clarity and Improved Mood but none of them have delivered without sacrificing Energy for the Jitters, Mental Focus while lacking the other key features, and Mood Enhancement without the Kick you need to get through the day. The best part about taking Grind is at the end of the day, I have ZERO problem going to bed. That's the usual drawback from typical supplements. You have energy all day that never shuts off making it difficult to sleep. I've never slept better while taking Grind. You will not find a better product on the market. Period

Noel Lucas


I originally bought a bottle of Grind back in December to try it out. I could feel the difference immediately. I was focused and energized. My workouts are more focused and intense. I take one in the morning to "get going" and another an hour before I train in the afternoons. I went to order more, but it was out of stock. I watched everyday until it was back in stock and ordered six more bottles that were delivered yesterday. Grind will be part of my everyday life from here on out. I love this stuff!

Sue Grube


I love this stuff made real difference in my life!

Danielle Corkle


I just wanted to tell y'all how much I absolutely LOVE this supplement. Have gone through a full bottle and I am SOLD. I was skeptical but hopeful and this stuff delivers all it promises and more. If anyone wants an actual unpaid customer reference to vouch that this stuff works, they can talk to me. It gives me focus, clean energy and a noticeable mood boost. Reduces my appetite. Serves as a decent replacement for my ADHD meds on days when I don't take them. No crash, no jitters, i take 2-3 pills through the day depending on what I'm doing and I sleep like a baby at night. I'm so glad I tried this stuff. Thanks!!

Rachel Burke


Been taking them for about 3-4 days now, and they give me so much energy to conquer the day. I’ve been feeling sluggish, and have tried so many different supplements. I’m not getting that late afternoon tired feeling, and even got more done today than I have in the last month- without any coffee. I really hope this feeling lasts, and my body doesn’t start building up a tolerance, but it’s starting off great. Will definitely continue to purchase of the feeling stays with me!

Ryan McMichael


Great product! Does everything they say it does. I'm very happy and I will be reordering

Jared Hornaday


These pills are wonderful - from both subjective and objective perspectives. They provide balanced energy, boosting of the senses, and motivation to get things done. This is possible because they use EFFECTIVE doses of the ingredients. Then, those ingredients work synergistically to boost you evenly across the boards - not to ramp you up in one department, while leaving you crashing in another. Honestly wasn't sure when I read the label, as the more "experienced user" ingredients require an adherence to quality to be effective, but after working my way through 2 bottles, I'll tell you. As an extremely experienced user (meaning there is very little in the world of nootropics and safe stimulants I haven't tried or studied) ... these pills check out. Very solid, guys! Well done.



This is one product that absolutely works. I've tried others and have never got the results that I do with Live It!! Great product!!

Clifford Sampson


Great product helps me a lot down with coffee and a lot of energy I take it in the morning and afternoon and work 12 hour shift thanks to the grind

Michael Roberson


Will be reordering soon, energy level great, no energy drinks needed since I started this.

David Dodge


The product works great. Felt alive. Talkative. And in the zone

David Carrasquillo


This is the best product of this kind I ever had, it energize me without giving me the shakes and jitters. I feel motivated and energize through out the day. I will be buying more that's for sure!

Michelle Jerome


It helps me stay focused and alert, I will purchase again

Kevin Drake


great product! promotes good focus and energy. will buy again

Chris Phillips


Great product ordered some other that I am using up not even close to this will be ordering again!

Chris Delacanal


This is a great product. I get good energy and focus without that weird, shakey feeling too much caffeine can give.

Sam Swoger


Great product! I received it awhile ago and started using it everyday for the last week or so and am impressed how well it works. I don't take many supplements but this is right on the top with the few I do! Thumbs up!

Christoph Waterson


I can say without any shadow of a doubt that this product is legit. I have been a loyal customer for a few months now and have ordered about 8 bottles total. I use these every day! I've cut coffee, energy drinks, and have no need for any other energy supps. I've also dropped around 10 lbs as well! I will be a life time buyer.

Alan Williams


The first time I used the product was after working 20hr the previous day and it gave me the energy and focus to make it through my work day.

Patty Plascencia


Excellent product! I tried this and it is just amazing, I took it in the morning before my workout and I felt so energized, I was able to drive more cardio, pills didn’t make me feel weird like other ones. Excellent source of energy. I recommend this product.

Amy Jo Goodly


I tried this product and it’s awesome! I take 2 about 30 min before I run and it gives me the right amount of energy to finish my run! I will definitely want to purchase this! I am definitely recommending to my Running and workout friends and family!

Katherine Pereira


I really loved the boost of energy that this provided. I wasn't jittery or "paranoid" like get with other pills. I felt awake, focused, more alert, and could think alot better. It didn't interfere with my other meds and I didn't experience any side effects.

Nicole Cassandra Trevisan


LOVED the grind product. It gave me an edge during my workout without any jitters ir itchiness! I will definitely be purchasing again.

Kellie Mosca


Such a great product! Doesn’t give you the shakes or jitters like other products. It give you the perfect amount of energy to take on the day. Highy recommend getting this! It’s just amazing!

Michelle Leigh Skylakis


I honestly never had so much energy, EVER! I've only been taking it for 2 days and I feel totally energized! I don't feel that shaky, unsettled feeling I've experienced with other products! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT and can't wait to get more!!!

Joshua Ryan Roosen


5 stars.

Bklyn Diaz


Product is as described and it work.

Nathan Shockley


On some for real stuff, this is not just another caffeinated supplement, for real I did notice a difference when I took these pills, I take tons of pre workout and work construction so usually will take some pre workout at work too, took these instead and felt great all day!! Didn't even need my scoop of pre at work!!!

Andrew Moras


Love not just the product but what the product stands for! Great customer service as well (huge factor in my mind). The owner answered all of my questions in not just a timely manner, but, a RESPECTFUL manner. This product gave me the boost and clarity that I needed to get me through exam week! Much better than the average caffeine pill or energy drink. I experienced CLEAN energy and an enhanced level of concentration. Even better, there were no post supplement headaches nor crash and burn! LOVE IT!

Angela Robinson


One of the best supplements I have tried. Works well with no crash.

Allyson Douglas


Love this product! Took one as soon as I woke up and one more throughout the day. I can't believe how much motivation and energy I had. I've used other supplements in the ast but thiss is the only one that has actually worked for me.

Natasha Lett


Took one pill in the morning, I had little sleep the night before and thought I would drag all day. But I was alert and felt good energy all day. Without feeling anxiety or jittery

Brandy O'Neal


Amazing product! I tried it right away i felt energized after a night of not enough sleep. It gave me energy and I seemed more focused while at work. I like that it did not give the shakes and jitters like other products I have tried. Really great product highly recommend and look forward to getting more from this company.

Margo Burton


Finally, Something to energize me without giving me the shakes and jitters! I like that it has less caffeine than my pre workout stuff. I could only take half a dose of other kinds of energy supplements. Would recommend, made me feel like I could take on the day!

Rick Dandy


I love taking this suppliment. I only took one pill and had energy and focus for the whole day.

Robert Martin


AMAZING!!! I worked a 12-hour shift the first day I tried it. I have tried several products throughout the years. Nothing has even come close to the benefits I received from just two capsules. My energy levels were amazing. Day 2 and I still had no coffee or the need for any energy drinks. Definitely made a repeat customer out of me!!

Kelly Sutterfield


I think I have needed this for a long time. I can't wait to try this much needed energy boost.#can'twaittoliveit.

Ruth Newman


Can't wait to try this product. It sounds like a excellent product and just what I'm looking for.

Rudy Evosirch


Amazing product, amazing formula, highly recommend. No propritery blend bullshit, strict direct amounts disclosed. I would give 10 stars if I could.

LJ Kendall


This product works very well, but better yet you are buying from a company that cares about it's customers.. if I could give them a 10, I would!

Jesse Mounts


The first day I took this product when I woke up and then two more times throughout the day. I had energy and focus all day long. It was absolutely amazing, mood was up and energy steady and great. The second day I took a pill as aa preworkout. I had a great workout and was able to push through plenty of sets without struggle. Overall great produc. I look forward to more from this company!

Sonya Piersma


I had doubts this would work. I liked it so much I immediately ordered more. I am extremely sensitive to caffeine and this product had no ill effects on me. I absolutely love it, and the fact that it is all natural!!!

Nicki Hoefs


Product worked great. I had a good energy after taking it and it helped me at the gym.

Rachael Sand


Amazing product!! Wakes you up with no jitters or crash!! Everyone should try it!!